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Please Recycle


Irish photographer Caroline Mc Nally uses elements of cataloging, classifying and indexing in her project Please Recycle, to provoke questions relating to environmentalism and society's seemlessly insatiable appetite for consumer products.


Please Recycle is a meticulous photographic inventory of the Mc Nally family belongings, in which all their possessions are photographed, removed from their original contexts and organized according to their production materials. The 'objects' are then collated using the international recycling code system and categorized appropriately; from 22 PAP (paper/paperboard) to 40 FE (steel).


Through Mc Nally's personal reflection, Please Recyle illustrates our unconcious desire for ‘stuff'; implicating us into a system perpetuated by excess, consumption and an accelerated production of waste.


Through this recording process the artist came to realize the extent to which she herself consumed in excess; how her careless choices contributed directly to the demise of the environment by wasting its precious and dwindling natural resources on things she more often than not doesn't need, want or use.


Caroline Mc Nally is a 23-year-old photographic artist born and based in Dublin, Ireland. She holds a BA (First Class Hons) in Photography from the Dublin Institute of Technology (2012).


Mc Nally’s interests include the domestic space, consumerism and the environment, and her work endeavours to use photography to create narratives which add to the critical discourse surrounding these issues.


Her projects Earth is Room Enough and Please Recycle have been exhibited in both Ireland and the UK. Recent exhibitions include: Exposure, Format Festival, Derby; Future Perfect, the Hugh Lane gallery, Dublin; Aspect, There, There, Cork; and Earth is Room Enough will also be part of the upcoming PhotoIreland Festival, New Irish Works.


Features of Please Recycle have also been published in the British Journal of Photography, the Irish Arts Review, and it is also a part of Nival’s artists book collection.





The featured photographer for May 2013 was Caroline Mc Nally