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"In September 2009 my mother, Sue Miles, was diagnosed with lung cancer and a brain tumour. While I was trying to come to terms with the fact she was dying, I decided I wanted, or maybe needed, to document the time she had left. I didn’t want to create a graphic portrayal of her death, it would have been impossible and wrong to focus only on the dying part, but rather I wanted to photograph our last months together. I looked at the things that made her uniquely her, the details in her house I thought I knew so well, the things that would also be gone when she was. Her love of flowers was a beautiful part of her personality; the house was always full of them, and as I photographed them I realised they were symbolic of what was happening - they represented happiness, love, kindness and generosity, but also isolation, decay, and finally death. What this project became was perhaps an object to hide behind, to protect myself from the reality of the devastating situation unfolding in front of me, but most valuable to me was the opportunity it gave to say good bye to my mother in a way that words could never do."


Celine Marchbank is a London-based documentary photographer, and graduate of London College of Communication's MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography. Her work concentrates on stories close to home; she likes to find the beauty in the small details of everyday life. Her interest is in examining what is taking place in her own local area rather than in a distant unfamiliar place with which she has little personal connection.


Celine's work has been shortlisted for a variety of awards, including the European Publishers Award, Deutsche Bank Award, Lucie Foundation Scholarship, and was a finalist of the International Photography Award Emergentes DST.


Her work has been shown at a variety of places including the HotShoe Gallery, Proud Central Gallery, Encontros Da Imagem Festival in Portugal, screened at Arles Photography Festival in France, and this year she took part in the Open Here exhibition at the Hereford Photography Festival where she won the exhibition commission to create a new project for a solo show at next year's festival. She lives and work in London, where she is pursuing British-based personal projects, while also undertaking commercial and editorial freelance commissions.





The featured photographer for June 2012 was Celine Marchbank